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Website Protected by Comodo SSL

Tnpds.gov.in Website Protected by Comodo SSL

Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System (PDS) website receives thousands of applications each day with regards to the online application of smart ration cards. Therefore it's a website which houses or stores the personal information belonging to millions of families residing in Tamil Nadu. It's a website which not only bears the responsibility of distributing these smart ration cards in a hassle-free manner but also that of safeguarding the personal information submitted by millions of Tamil Nadu residents.

And we at Comodo are proud to inform the world that Tamil Nadu government which owns this Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System's website, makes use of our Comodo's services for safeguarding the personal information submitted to it by the residents of Tamil Nadu when they apply for smart ration cards online.

Leakage of personal information can pose huge security related issues for online users. Taking this into account, Tamil Nadu government has rightly taken this precautionary measure of using an SSL Certificate, certified by a reputed CA like Comodo, for safeguarding its citizens against the rampant cyber crime.

So those Tamil Nadu citizens applying for smart ration cards online need not fear any security compromise of their online personal data, as SSL-Certified websites offer good protection against various forms of hacking. More specifically, SSL certified websites are well-secured against any form of identity theft and data leakage.

How do SSL Certificates offer Website Security?

SSL certificates granted from reputed CA(S) like Comodo can protect websites against various forms of hacking by preventing:

1. Hackers from Impersonating Others: When hackers get hold of personal information belonging to others, they can use this stolen information to their advantage. It is for this reason that Tamil Nadu government is using SSL certificates – to prevent hackers from impersonating its website in order to steal or exploit the personal data belonging to Tamil Nadu residents which they submit at the time of applying for smart ration card.

2. Hackers from Intercepting Data in Transit: Another aspect of SSL certificate is that they ensure the data being exchanged online between two parties is not intercepted by hackers. This type of protection is implemented using a technology called SSL encryption. For example, when a Tamil Nadu resident submits his or her personal information like phone number or address when applying for smart ration card, there is every chance of hackers intercepting this data transmission to get hold of the personal information which they can use for ulterior purposes. Having an SSL certificate for your website prevents this form of interception.

It's good to realize that Tamil Nadu Government has taken the right step in right direction towards securing the online identity of its website and that of its citizens by embracing Comodo SSL certificate. This is indeed encouraging news for us as we continue our journey of making the online world a better and a more secure place!

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If you are TN citizen who wishes to apply for smart ration card, you can do so here:

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