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Comodo Mobile Security for Android protects devices against suspicious apps,
risky settings and malware like viruses, Trojans etc.

Comodo Mobile Security for Android protects devices against suspicious apps, risky settings and malware like viruses, Trojans etc. It helps you to maintain privacy and keeps your device optimized.

  • Anti-theft
  • SMS / Call Blocking
  • Software Manager
  • Backup
  • System Optimizer
  • Traffic Monitoring

Antivirus for Android

It provides an "always on" protective and an on-demand scanning mechanism that assures your android device to be malware free.

This also provides single touch and scheduled scans to scan for malicious files as and when required by the user.

An advanced feature called the "Health Check" is also available for the users to instantly detect risky apps and other infectious malware.

Apart from securing the mobile. It helps the user avoid Push Ads by applications when downloaded


By any chance if you misplace your android device or if it gets lost or stolen, the anti-theft feature helps you to recover your device remotely. It encables you to find the location of your device. You can set the device in such a way that a loud siren rings when a fraud tries to access your mobile.


Comodo Mobile security for Android enables the user to back up sensitive data like text messages, contact lists, photos and other documents. The Comodo Mobile Security configuration can be backed up as well. This ensures that the user can instantly restore the information that is backed up in case of any data loss.

Traffic Monitoring

The mobile broadband usage is monitored to keep a track of it in Real-Time. This helps you to avoid unwanted charges for crossing the data limits. It also enable Firewall from traffic monitoring interface to stop the applications from connecting to the Internet.

Task Scheduler

You need not put your efforts to scan your device manually. Comodo Mobile Security for Android allows you to preset time according to your preferences for an automated antivirus scanning process during any time of the day on all days or on specific mentioned days.

SMS / Call Blocking

CMS for Android assures instant filtering of unwanted phone calls and SMS by setting up a black/white contact lists. The blocking is done by assigning certain keywords.

System Optimizer

A slow device can be annoying. The performance of the device is slow when many processes are running simultaneously and also when the cached memory is full. Comodo Mobile Security for Android provides the user a full visibilty to take control over the processes that is running at the backend. This helps the user to close the processes that are really not required.


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